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How Is your EHR Donation Program?

Posted on February 21, 2023 in Information Technology

Written by: Hall Render Advisory Services

Electronic Health Record Donations Programs are complex and require agreements for customers who are using the EHR Donation Program. EHR Donation Programs are complex, finding the right structure, building a cost model that aligns with your requirements and ensuring you have the infrastructure to manage the operations can be overwhelming. Even if you already have a program, but would like to simplify the cost model and make it easier to provide annual updates.

The Hall Render Advisory Services Advantage

Hall Render IT Advisory Services have helped health systems solve complex business problems, implemented operational programs, managed large operational teams, and managed business relationships within diverse and complex organizations, partners and vendors.  Hall Render Advisors can help analyze your existing cost model to determine if it is appropriate and capturing all the costs. We have developed several cost models and worked with our attorneys to help clients stand up EHR Donation Programs.

Hall Render Advisory Services’ IT advisors can be engaged to help:

  • Review or document your organization’s program goals, executive governance / steering committee structure and guiding principles and make recommendations, as this is foundational for all decisions;
  • Document scope of services and applications that the organization wants to provide to the community and develop service / application offerings with associated cost models that include application, staffing, hardware, data center expenses;
  • Identify and document all cost drivers and decisions associated with the program to create a scalable pricing model that meets regulatory requirements
  • Assess the capabilities of the current organization (IT technologies, architecture, capabilities, staffing) to provide the future state of service offerings, and identify any potential risks, gaps or challenges for meeting expectations;
  • Review of IT Vendor relationships / contracts for long-term alignment and future state readiness to determine extensibility rights, pricing and changes if required;
  • Recommend overall program management / command & control structure to ensure success of program to achieve the business goals
  • Create ¬†project framework for integrating new affiliates to allow for rapid integration, to include roles & responsibilities, on-going operational support processes, and communication and change management strategies to allow for transparency and partnership to create a win-win offering

If you are evaluating a EHR Donation Program or need someone to review your existing program and help align the cost model with operational procedures? HRAS has the experience in helping establish a EHR donation program and can help align with HR Legal on how to structure agreements and operating procedures. Contact us today.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the following or your regular Hall Render Advisory Services consultant.

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