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Is Your M&A Strategy Aligned with Your Business Objectives?

Posted on July 13, 2022 in Mergers and Acquisitions

Written by: Hall Render Advisory Services

Does your organization have a functional partnership between the IT and operational teams to ensure business objectives and constraints for integration are clearly understood early in the M&A process?

Hall Render Advisory Services has a team of professionals who have led more than 50 health care integrations, helping clients understand and navigate the complexities of executing a merger or acquisition. Designing, planning and executing complex health care business and clinical integrations requires establishing clear objectives upfront. Using proven business architecture planning tools enables the identification and avoidance of common issues or risks that lead to unidentified costs and technical incompatibilities that can hinder a timely integration.

As change occurs within health care organizations at all levels, managing this change can be complex. Planning for M&A activities is complicated and requires partnering with professionals who have experience understanding and designing integration solutions that have worked in the health care industry. Having an understanding of system and infrastructure dependencies is critical to creating integration objectives with achievable goals.

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