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The rapid evolution of health care information technology poses unique challenges for executives. Cybersecurity technologies are complex and rapidly changing and is of paramount importance to understand business impacts to technology solutions.

Our team of experienced cybersecurity advisors assist health care organizations with evaluating, developing or enhancing and managing a robust cybersecurity program in order to ensure they are prepared for responding to a cyber-attack. Cybersecurity Advisory Services include, but are not limited to, the following offerings:

  • Cybersecurity Organizational Readiness Review – Provide high-level analysis of an organization’s preparedness for modern threats.
  • Disaster Recover and Business Continuity Review – Conduct enterprise-level assessment of an organization’s maturity and preparedness for disaster readiness and resiliency.
  • Medical Device Security Services – Perform risk analysis and process assessments for network-connected medical device management.
  • Cybersecurity Event Governance – Engage leadership to fully vet an ongoing event to assess and recommend next steps based on best practices and business priorities.

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