Real Estate Consulting

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Owned or leased, real estate is generally a major categorical expense for health care providers, trailing only operations and employee overhead.

In-house real estate teams often struggle to find the time and capacity to properly evaluate important real estate decisions that can drive significant cost savings or value creation for the organization, including:

  • Should we own or lease space?
  • Should we hire a developer?
  • Should we lease out space we own?
  • Where should we build a new ambulatory care center?

Hall Render Advisory Services consultants serve as an extension of your in-house team — providing objective, independent and transparent guidance to help you navigate real estate challenges and harness opportunities. In short, we help you leverage real estate as a strategic asset for your organization.

Our team of consultants has earned the trust of health care systems nationwide by developing the best solutions to their real estate challenges. We help you manage complicated and time-consuming projects and processes that are part of any real estate endeavor. Our advisors serve to provide objective and conflict-free guidance to coach, advise and guide our clients through the myriad of real estate challenges that include but are not limited to the menu of services below.

Real Estate Capital Considerations

Unlocking Capital tied up in Leased or Owned Assets

  • Investigating a foundation ownership model — nonprofit third-party facility ownership
  • Optimizing portfolios and analyzing the option to lease or own
  • Providing guidance about traditional sale-leaseback for traditional market investment transactions
  • Providing guidance on the options available and engaging outside expertise as needed to execute any type of transaction

Outsourcing of Development and Project Management Solutions

  • Managing RFP for strategic outpatient facility development
  • Managing RFP for engagement of project management services
  • Selecting owners representation services in hiring GC and AE partners

Outsourcing of Property, Facility and Asset Management of Owned Real Estate

  • Providing facility operations and maintenance guidance
  • Providing facility accounting and compliance guidance
  • Providing facility infrastructure and sustainability analysis

Outsourcing Transactional Management and Brokerage

  • Managing RFP process to engage third-party brokerage
  • Managing RFP process to engage facility network planning
  • Coordinating site selection processes and outsourcing

Complementary Facility Solutions

  • Repurposing retired or non-compliant assets
  • Providing short-term post-acute facility guidance
  • Consulting on urgent care or FSED/micro-hospital strategies
  • Freestanding de-novo ASCs capitalization/ownership

Specialized Project Engagement and Social Determinants of Health

  • Providing guidance on community health/wellness development concepts
  • Advising on hospital participation in affordable housing solutions
  • Advising on behavioral health facility solutions
  • Recommending telehealth-related solutions

Need an objective advisor to help reduce operational costs or better align your real estate with your business strategy?