Medicare Geographic Reclassification

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Geographic reclassification opportunities can help acute care inpatient prospective payment system (PPS) hospitals improve their Medicare reimbursement. In fact, approximately 25% of PPS hospitals are eligible to reclassify in this manner.

By evaluating a hospital’s average hourly wage (AHW) and wage index value, Hall Render Advisory Services can help ensure proper reimbursement. Our fixed-fee medicare geographic reclassification consulting service supports your in-house team, taking full responsibility for the reclassification application process. We file nearly 400 applications every year, evaluating the best approach for each hospital, completing the application process and filing all paperwork on deadline.

We can help with:

  • Assisting hospitals in assessing Medicare geographic reclassification opportunities and options
  • Assessing the impact of geographic reclassification on Medicare payments
  • Determining the options and eligibility for Medicare Geographic Classification Review Board (MGCRB) wage index reclassification
  • Preparing and filing wage index reclassifications with the MGCRB
  • Preparing Individual Hospital Reclassification applications
  • Preparing County-Wide Group Reclassification applications
  • Determining eligibility for urban to rural reclassification in accordance with 42 C.F.R. § 412.103
  • Preparing and filing urban to rural reclassification applications with CMS

Looking for an experienced consultant to manage the step-by-step process of Medicare geographic reclassification for your hospital?