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WEBINAR | IT Considerations in Health Care M&A Aligning Goals and Priorities to Achieve Successful Growth

Posted on March 18, 2021 in Information Technology

Written by: Hall Render Advisory Services

In this Hall Render and Hall Render Advisory Services webinar, we discuss ways in which attorneys and IT advisors can collaboratively prepare an organization for all stages of a successful merger/acquisition. It is important to have both an operational and legal perspective when it comes to IT integration planning, mitigation of risk and understanding the complete IT system in connection with a transaction. However, often times operations and legal speak very different language and have diverging priorities.

During the webinar, Hall Render’s attorneys and the IT advisors with HRAS will discuss lessons learned from past transactions and how IT operations, legal and strategy can work together to set expectations for IT transition, negotiate a beneficial IT TSA, mitigate unforeseen costs and prepare an organization for successful growth.

Slides from this webinar are available for download here.

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