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WEBINAR | Unlocking the Value of Your Data: Strategies for Health Care Leaders

Posted on June 18, 2024 in Information Technology

Written by: Julie

Join Hall Render Advisory Services and Hall Render for a webinar discussing how to manage and leverage data effectively within a health system. Designed for CFOs, CSOs, CDOs and CIOs, this session will cover comprehensive strategies for identifying data, collecting data into useable information, analyzing that information to create knowledge and applying that knowledge to gain wisdom for your health system. The conversation will include insights related to the use of data internally for improved operations, as well as supporting reimbursement strategies, research activities and other means of unlocking the value of data.
  • Internal Monetization: Discover how health care organizations can leverage data to improve operational efficiencies, enhance patient outcomes and reduce costs. We will discuss advanced analytics techniques to predict patient admission rates and optimize resource allocation, resulting in cost savings and better service delivery. Additionally, learn how personalized patient care, driven by data, can lead to improved health outcomes, increased patient satisfaction and a stronger competitive edge for your health care organization.
  • External Monetization: Explore how health care data can be monetized through partnerships, data-sharing agreements and participation in research initiatives. This session will cover the safe and ethical sharing of de-identified data with pharmaceutical companies, research institutions and tech companies for drug research, disease prediction models and health care innovations. We will outline the necessary regulatory considerations and ethical frameworks to protect patient privacy and comply with laws like HIPAA.
  • Beyond Clinical Data: Understand the importance of non-clinical data, including administrative, financial and operational data. Speakers will demonstrate how this broader data spectrum can be utilized to gain insights into market trends, patient demographics and operational bottlenecks, providing additional revenue streams and informing strategic planning.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the following or your regular Hall Render Advisory Services consultant.

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