Business of IT

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Today’s health care technology, security and service delivery landscape is complex and ever-changing. For health care IT organizations, this environment presents specific challenges. IT organizations are being asked not only to support business needs but also to improve operational efficiency within IT itself.

IT leadership is under constant pressure to improve quality of service, reduce cost and increase capabilities and capacity to successfully support the health system’s strategic and operational plans.

Business of IT is the discipline and organizational commitment to effectively and efficiently manage IT services: from ways solutions are created and managed, to how resources are deployed, how vendors are managed and how accomplishments are measured and reported. IT needs to embrace tools and systems that can capture, report and manage the full portfolio of projects, vendors and resources across planning, implementation and ongoing operations. These activities require skilled resources and time, and when done correctly, help achieve business goals and provide high-quality service to the business at an effective cost.

Our advisors understand each health care organization has its own unique IT structure and business goals.

We will deliver tailored, practical advice on how to align IT services objectives and outcomes to gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of IT’s internal processes. Hall Render Advisory Services can assist health systems with business of IT in the following areas:

  • Performing an assessment of current processes, tools and capabilities to determine alignment with best practices and make recommendations for enhancements.
  • Reviewing IT costs and performance metrics against benchmarks to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Identifying areas for efficiency gains and cost savings to streamline legacy run and maintain activities.
  • Maximizing people, processes and tools to enhance capabilities and expand capacity for new solutions.
  • Assessing ongoing continuous improvement, quality and operational management programs to ensure they are effective and are delivering measurable value.

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