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Hall Render Advisors Provide HIPAA Compliance Services for Small Health Care Organizations

Posted on March 31, 2023 in Information Technology

Written by: Hall Render Advisory Services

Small health care organizations often lack the resources to efficiently develop a comprehensive HIPAA program tailored to their business model. Hall Render Advisory Services can review current business processes and provide the tools and policies to support a rapid yet comprehensive HIPAA program implementation.

The Advisory Services Advantage

  • Since the inception of HIPAA, we have been working with hospitals, technology companies, start-ups, and other small health care businesses to ensure their organizations are properly prepared to implement and maintain HIPAA compliance.​​​​​​​
  • Our advisors meet with business and IT leaders to review an organization’s overall business model and propose the most efficient solution to meet HIPAA requirements. We provide policies, tools and supporting controls to effectively implement and manage a HIPAA program. We regularly help organizations meet regulatory requirements, define potential audit needs and reduce exposure to costly fines.
  • In addition, Advisory Services has developed time-tested templates and proven methodologies to ensure success in both implementing a program and monitoring the security of an organization.

And when necessary, Advisory Services partners with Hall Render attorneys who can provide immediate input on an interpretation or insight on current regulatory changes.

Contact Advisory Services

Seemingly every day there is another news report about a HIPAA breach, patient record exposure or regulatory compliance issue, which makes running an IT department and securing data very challenging for even the most experienced organizations. If you need a HIPAA assessment, audit or a cost-effective streamlined HIPAA program, let Hall Render Advisory Services help. Our experienced team of professionals can help ensure that your organization is compliant, properly trained and able to validate your HIPAA security program.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the following or your regular Hall Render Advisory Services consultant.

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